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We are destined to prove our metal in India by facilitating you with the fastest, quickest, cheapest and safest services. We have observed the issues you faced with other companies about them taking more time, inappropriate packaging, higher cost charges and the list goes on. After the research about your feedback, we have come up with great solutions for all of your reservations. We will not allow you a chance to complain from us, rather you will come again to us with more trust and confidence. You will see acing in the Indian community and will be proud of your choice. Our network with strong basis can perform thousands of deliveries at a time. The branching makes share that each of your parcels and orders reach their destinations safely, securely and timely. We commit superb and high-quality services for you. Consequently, we are not going to step back from it, instead, betterment is the only option for us. Our service packages in this head are; DTDC Lite • Domestic Express Service • Domestic Cargo Service DTDC Vas • Collect on Delivery (COD) • Freight on Delivery (FOD) • Mentioned Piece International organizations are with us to make your work done with your utmost satisfaction. The beautiful combo of our structure locally and globally acclaimed courier services organization is something out of this world. It has never happened before, it will rock the industry.

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Best Courier Service in India


People usually hesitate whether to take something and place it to the other side of the boundary or not. You should not worry now. We have built up our system in a manner to work in this zone up to perfection. We believe in nothing less. Our supreme location also contributes to having close links with the important industries and industries for the service. Your valuables are taken with intense care. We have in our team, people with sound skills to manage, monitor and mobile your products in the safest way possible. Your parcels will be delivered in entire Europe, US, UK, whole of Asia and the lists continues and broaden with time. Although, our set up globally is strong enough to serve up to the mark. We have established friendly and productive relationships with the companies operating in the international arena to assist in handling internationalconsignments. We have their support. To name a few UPS, DHL, Aramex, and FEDEX are in our loop for the function. The contracts with them are just for your satisfaction. Nothing more than that. Our international services include, • Express Service • Cargo Service • Student Express • Excess Baggage • Import Express Moreover, for your relaxation, our technologically smart tracking system lets you know all the relevant details of your goods. The systems facilitate right from the start when it goes for travel to the time of delivery. It entertains during the whole process.

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Worldwide Shipping Company in India


The newly digitized world needs more organizations to play a role in growth. We consider the fact. Furthermore, we have devised our strategies and functions for the part. Online Businesses are now accelerating to a new level. The sales they make are skyrocketing. Widening customer group asks them to better their products and services. Let us handle your delivering task. Do not distract yourselves. Keep an eye on your products and other matters. We are here to back you up. Let's work together and make a difference. Let's step together to embrace higher milestones. There are packages and offers for you with us. You should grab the one which suits you at the earliest. Not only offers but attracting discounts are also available for Ecommerce Solutions. We have none the best solution for you. You will not find them anywhere else. Focus your customer service and product quality. Leave the other side to us. You will notice a significant and positive change in your daily tasks. You will be relaxed with us. It will make you work smarter and better than ever. Why are you still waiting? Pick up the phone, ping us, inform us about your choice and shift your headache to us.

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As we have done a deep research regarding the issues and functions of the courier company, we have also penned out the Packing procedure. Through research, we found a big number of people complaining about the packing of the parcels. We have analyzed their feedback and have learned from them. Our wrapper of packaging is reliable. It does not allow anything from outside to change or affect your parcels. Whatever you have put in for us to deliver will be provided on the given location in the ideal condition. We respect your valuables. Get your thing delivered by us and you will not find any complaint or flaw. We make sure it is safe and secure. Protection of the parcels is our responsibility until the product is sent to the destination. The packaging is way too better than the already functioning companion in our industry. We take the lead among all the competitors in this field especially. The wrapper is designed in a very thoughtful and careful manner. The recent technology is used in the production of the packaging material. With that being said, you will be happier to hear the fact, the packaging material is environment-friendly as well. It does not cause any harm to nature. Nowhere in the world, such packaging quality is used for courier services. It is for sure the best of the lot. So, are you excited to enjoy our services? You seem to be. You should stop thinking now. Get your delivering works and problems entertained and resolved by DST Courier. You are going to be satisfied with your heart. We would like to hear your praises afterward. Besides positive feedback, we also look upon to read some constructive criticism as well or suggestions. After all, the aim is to better quality.

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We have designed a full-fledged framework on how to operate and perform our functions. All the rules and regulations regarding our services are very clear to all of the employees. All of the directions are set. The homework is done to serve in the best possible manner. As we aim to revolutionize the courier industry with our premium standards. As far as Door services are concerned, we have the strategies ready. This head is monitored systematically. We are equipped with skilled employees in the zone. They are passionate enough to follow the process and get things done. The department has all that is required to perform the duties. We take door services as our face. People are directly related to it. Customers get to observe our staff in the department. The staff is trained in a way to be presentable. They should inspire people. People observe them and make a perception of our company as a whole. Services we render in the head are based on the customers' expectations. We put ourselves in the customer's shoes and see what one expects from a courier company. Our services make sure that the recipient gets the product in its original state as it was at the time we received. First and the foremost check about the exact address shared by the client. Afterward, the person taking the parcel is recognized and confirmed. We take the recipient's signature and other required to avoid any mistakes whatsoever. An email is sent to the client informing him about the completion of the delivery right after the placement of the package. The tracking system also gives a green signal once the assignment is done and dusted. Moreover, the client can also mail us in case he/she did not receive what we delivered.

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Shipping Services from India to UK


The prime function among all of our functions is transportation. Transportation is pivotal for every courier company. In fact, the industry depends on it. Even in the beginning phase, before the pillars, transportation is arranged. We have followed the trend rightly. We are all geared up with the best of the facilities to deliver the product in time safety. Our team for the task is equipped with the basic requirements of the job. They have the knowledge, skills, experience, and vehicles to perform it perfectly. There is a reason for a loophole in this department. We have professionally trained riders and drivers to commute from your place to the desired address. As far as remedial measures are concerned, we are even prepared for them as well. The team is smart enough to deal with challenges and overcome hurdles to perform as per our commitments. For the delivery between cities and provinces, we have made contracts with all the concerned authorities. The authorities have taken us in confidence. We have full support from them. And for international orders, the airlines are in our contacts. We use cargo services and arrive to deliver as early as possible. You should stay calm once your parcels is with us. There is nothing to be tensed about. There are no worries. Whatever you have deposited with is us safe and will find the destination safely. The legal formalities such as license and proper documentation are observed beforehand. We have registered ourselves and our riders. There is no hurdle for them now. We are also insured. Everything is going to run smoothly with such ideal preparation. There is nothing to fear. Let us do the delivery. Call us now. Give us the parcels. And see it traveling to the address mentioned.

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Having read all the details, the commitments, the feedbacks and all about our systems and procedures, you should just pick up your phone and ask us for transformation. Enjoy the services that scale up to perfection, nothing less than that.

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Fill in the form, inject the required details and your parcels are booked for delivery. The process will start on the stated time and will be fulfilled in a few hours as shared to you. The consignments booking process is not too technical, just feed the information and it is done.

advanced tracking

Check on the tracking tab, type the order number and know the current place of your product. Tracking lets you know about it.

safe shipment

Your parcels are going to be shipped safely. No harm to your things. Careful shipment will get your product delivered in the ideal or actual state.

timely delivery

We guarantee you to deliver parcels on time. Punctuality is a core value for us. You will get to know as you order us for delivery.

Courier from India to the USA

DST Courier offers reliable and fast domestic and international courier delivery services at affordable rates. With us, you can send important documents, medicines, extra luggage, etc. We are one of the prominent courier companies offering an array of courier shipping services covering Telangana, Hyderabad and other significant locations across the country. We are renowned for fast, on time and reliable deliveries of your consignments. Therefore you can trust us, we even offer packing and pickup services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and some other locations in Telangana and AP. We have active customer support; whenever you have any doubt in your mind, you will have professional guidance by your side. We have experienced teams and authentic networks, that's why there is hardly any report of missing package till the time. Book Courier from India to the USA with us.

Worldwide Shipping Company in India

We can't speak for others, but we at dstcourier are responsible for the timely, cost-effective, and secure delivery of your courier.

Safely transporting your items to your selected location takes 8-10 business days.

Dstcourier has great people and customer service qualities. We guarantee on-time delivery and a decent degree of friendliness, and a thorough understanding of payment and service methods.

Of course, dst courier due to its reliability. It offers one of the faster parcel delivery services.

There are other firms, but we are the best because of our performance.

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We are the most emerging, promising, prospering and improving Courier Services company, improving with days passing by. Use your our services for both International and National parcels and get rid of tension. We have won the trust of many. We will win you as well by fulfilling your needs!

DST Couriers’ only objective is to relieve you from the delivering transporting responsibilities to the entire world. Our staff and employees contribute passionately to achieve the goal. Milestone for us is to lead the Courier Industry of the world in quality.

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